New gallery: Re-definitions


See the new gallery of illustrated definitions from the Re-définitions exhibition that took place late August – early September 2015 in the BLS railway station of Saint-Blaise, Switzerland. The idea was to rethink the definition of a number of lesser-known French words in the hope of sparking off the imagination. English translations are available.

Môtiers 2015

Olivier Estoppey, Sur la route d'Ornans

Click on the photo above to visit the new gallery about the open air art exhibition Môtiers 2015.  And see if you can figure out which works are by ‘real’ artists and which are imaginary.

The above work is by Olivier Estoppey, Sur la route d’Ornans.

Hard times for Julius

Hard times for Julius

Life’s not so easy for Julius, what with the cows breaking into the garden and knocking him off his plinth. Not even Brutus caused so much pain and destruction! See other photos in the Snapped gallery.

Flooding at La Tene

La Tene. Flooding Spring 2015.

La Tene, one of the two historic hearts of celtic civilisation, is only a few kilometres from where I live. With the recent flooding, it is hard not to imagine how the Celts would have coped back then. See more picture of the flooding in there Secret Paths Switzerland Gallery.

New in Neuchâtel

Neuchatel Collegiale

See the new photos published in the Secret Paths Neuchâtel gallery.

New in Saint-Blaise

Saint-Blaise gallery

See the new photos posted in the Secret Paths Saint-Blaise gallery.

New quotes added

Angry tears

New quotes are added almost every day to the Illustrated Quotes gallery. Check them out.