Flooding at La Tene

La Tene. Flooding Spring 2015.

La Tene, one of the two historic hearts of celtic civilisation, is only a few kilometres from where I live. With the recent flooding, it is hard not to imagine how the Celts would have coped back then. See more picture of the flooding in there Secret Paths Switzerland Gallery.

New in Neuchâtel

Neuchatel Collegiale

See the new photos published in the Secret Paths Neuchâtel gallery.

New in Saint-Blaise

Saint-Blaise gallery

See the new photos posted in the Secret Paths Saint-Blaise gallery.

New quotes added

Angry tears

New quotes are added almost every day to the Illustrated Quotes gallery. Check them out.

Geneva Writers at Payot Rive Gauche

The evening's offering

Eleven authors from the Geneva Writers’ Group, all with recently published books, gave a public reading in the new English section of Payot Rive Gauche on Thursday April 9th 2015. To celebrate this well-attended event, some fifty photos have been published in the Secret Paths Geneva Writers’ Group gallery. Click to see all the photos and click individual photos to see a larger version.

English Books!

Here is a list of the authors and their books (in the order of reading):

  • Michelle Bailat-Jones, Fog Island Mountains
  • Carmen Bugan, On the Side of Forgetting
  • Peter St. John, Gang Warfare
  • Lesley Lawson Botez, Holding Out for a Hero
  • Massimo Marino, The Rise of the Phoenix
  • Patti Marxsen, Helene Schweitzer: A Life of Her Own
  • Alan McCluskey, In Search of Lost Girls
  • Daniela I. Morris, Collecting Feathers
  • Susan M. Tiberghien, Side by Side, Writing You Love Story, Footsteps, In Love with a French man
  • Leonie van Daalen-Röell, Go, Not Knowing Where
  • Roderick Vincent, The Cause

Susan and Xavier Huberson, head of the English section

La Grande Cariçaie

Champ-Pittet down by the lake

La Grande Cariçaie is a nature reserve by the Neuchâtel Lake that covers a large area of marsh land in which a wide variety of wild birds nest. That’s a cormorant you can see flying by in this picture. The images in the new Secret Paths gallery entitled  La Grande Cariçaie portray the part of the Grand Cariçaie around Champ-Pittet which is run by Pro Natura.

A stormy day at Saint-Blaise

One of jetties and the flag of Saint-Blaise in stormy weather.

Photos from a stormy day at Saint-Blaise added to the Secret Paths Saint-Blaise gallery.

New people, old people

François Albera and Johan Van de Keuken

See the new photos added to the Secret Paths People gallery. This photo (taken from one of my notebooks) shows the now professor François Albera but then teacher at the fine arts school in Geneva in discussion with the late filmmaker Johan van der Keuken during a visit of the latter to Geneva in the 80’s.

Folk Tales at GWG


See the update to the Geneva Writers Group Gallery that includes photos from the meeting about Folk Tales on March 21st 2105. If ever I’ve got the names wrong, please let me know. Thanks.

Neuchatel gallery

Restaurant des Halles, Place du Marché

See the new Neuchatel Gallery with photos of the capital of the Swiss canton of the same name. This photo is of La Place du Marché with the Restaurant de Halles and the Hôtel du Marché.