The Breath of Angels

The sun seeps through tinted glass and arcs downwards causing dust motes to dance in the air only to settle softly across the aisle infusing life and light to time-worn stones. A host of angels glides silently through the church. Barely perceptible, their robes sway to the strains of the choir. Borne by youthful voices, they scatter colour with every step. When the last boys’ voices rise and fall away, a faint whisper lingers in the air like the caress of a fleeting kiss, the breath of angels.

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Photos 2018-04-06

Photos 2018-04-05

Photos – 2018-04-04

Geneva Giants thrill massive crowds

Geneva Giants conjured up by the company Royal de Luxe walk the streets of Geneva for three days. A young giant girl and her giant grandmother – aided by a wealth of lilliputians – strode or rode the streets of Calvin’s City to the wonderment of the gathered crowds. Below, the first video shows the two giants riding through the massed crowds. All videos and photos are mine.

Here’s is a second video in which the girl gets to her feet by the banks of the Geneva Lake having ridden through town on her bicycle. She subsequently squatted down and relieved herself, flooding the road around her, shocking some of the people watching on.

Finally a small gallery of photos taken from amongst the crowd on Sunday, October 1st, 2017. The weather was beautiful and the atmosphere joyful as a crowd of all ages stared on, touched by the humanity of these ‘aliens’.  Click the following photos to see (all) in a larger format.

In Memoriam Dutch White

Dutch49I have created a new gallery of photos in memoriam of Dutch White who passed away a few days ago. Some sixty photos, re-photographed from my Notebooks, show Dutch, his family and friends in their often out-of-the-ordinary daily life in Veyrier, Switzerland.

Dutch in Memoriam


Out of the Mists of Avalon

Mists over Avalon

A new gallery providing a glimpse at the magical country of Avalon, the seat of the Goddess and the home of King Arthur.