Island – an art-video by Alan McCluskey

Island is an art-video made by Alan McCluskey on location in the White house in Veyrier, Switzerland in 1983. Taking part in the video, amongst others, are Betsy, Chatouille, Chen, Christophe, Christiane, Crepo, Derek, Diego, Dorothee, Dutch, Huguette, Ingrid, Joanna, Kira, Jean-François, Kerena, Louise, Maia, Marie-Dan, Mathieu, Shan, Solar Stan and Tox.

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Video-art photo gallery: La Terre Promise

It’s 1982 and the Falkland War has broken out. Beirut cowers under a deluge of bombs and Palestinians are being slaughtered while in Cannes the great names of modern cinema present their latest films.  Further north, by Lake Geneva, promising fine-arts students listen to filmmakers Johan van des Keuken and Steve Dwoskin, while elsewhere in the city a group of talented young actresses and actors put on a play. Such is the material of my video-art collage, La Terre Promise (The Promised Land). Click to see stills from the recent digital transfer of the video. 

Game – an art video


Game, an art video written, directed, filmed and edited by Alan McCluskey, starring the actress Isabelle Maurice. With Laurent Desplands as video technician. Assistants: Edgar Acevedo and Cathy Day. Thanks to Alan &Jasmine Ringger, Marianne Husser, Marie-Carmen, Béatrice, Françoise, Muriel, Elena, Isabelle, Danielle, Nadia and especially the late André Iten. Made in collaboration with MJC St-Gervais, Genève. 1988.