Exhibition: Eau Vive – Living Water

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In a book entitled “The Dance of Life”, Edward Hall revealed the multitude of micro interactions that take place between people in daily life unknown to them. I took up this idea in a video entitled Sonate thanks to the use of slow motion and a steadycam, showing both the poetry but also the violence in the miniscule collisions and collusions in a market place in Geneva. Twenty years later, I rediscover the same interest in uncovering the unseen hidden in movement, this time in water. Strange forms that are almost living appear and surprising juxtapositions invite us on an imaginary journey.

These photos were shown in an exhibition at the CAC Voltaire, Maison du Grütli, Général-Dufour 12, CH-1204 Genève In association with the Biennale Libre de l’Image en Mouvement September 4th – September 17th, 2009. The opening night was Friday, September 4th, 2009 from 18:00 to 19:00.

All these photos are available from the Secret Paths Store.


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