Opening of two exhibitions

Expo CAC Expo CAC Expo CAC

Above, a couple of photos of people attending the opening of my exhibition at the CAC Voltaire on Friday September 4th, 2009. The exhibition space was right next to the ticket desk for the Cinema in the Maison du Grütli where a series of screenings were taking place in honour of the  International Video Week. The latter was a sad occasion as, following the death of André Iten and political changes in the Geneva government, the Video Week was no longer to take place. My exhibition had been possible thanks to the warm welcome of Rui Noguera who had run the CAC Voltaire since its beginning. He too was subsequently ousted by the same “political and administrative” forces that decided it was time he retired.

Expo Colombier Expo Colombier Expo Colombier

In the last of these three photos from the opening of the exhibition in the Centre de Santé in Colombier you can see the gentle curve designed by the row of water photos. I had intended to trace a straight line and have them all at the same distance from the floor, but the roof was curved and a straight line looked out of place. Relaxing the string that was to help ensure they were horizontal, it traced out a natural curve that suggested a wave of water … so that was how it came about.

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