A week in photos – 14

We have reached 100 days of the Corona virus outbreak. This week’s noteworthy victim was British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. I was surprised at the outpouring of sympathy in the UK for the man who was in and out of intensive care within the week. Why surprised? Because the Conservative’s drive for austerity has been responsible for the unpreparedness of both the NHS and the social care system. What’s more, the dithering of the government, Johnson in particular, about how to respond delayed adequate response for a number of weeks no doubt causing many deaths. One moving moment for me this week was hearing the heart-rending interview on the BBC of a woman whose husband caught the virus and who is apparently loosing the fight to survive. This virus is certainly not something to be taken lightly. How does that relate to the story of a chief constable of one region of England who lamented having to break up 160 street parties in his area? I struggle with the question: Why are people so blind? Other sad news this week, the parting of the Swiss film maker Francis Reusser. He was one of my teachers when I attended Fine Arts in Geneva. On a personal note, we are very thankful for the Scouts who once again fetched shopping for us this week.

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