Dutch in Memoriam

Dutch with a home made lapse photography device

Dutch White passed away a few days ago. This collection of photos is dedicated to him. Dutch will remain in my mind for the hilarious things he did, but also for the seriousness with which he could speak of the world around him. He was a very kind and generous person, whose imagination brimmed over in his art work, in his inventions and in daily life. We’ll miss you, Dutch.

This collection contains photos I took in the early 1980’s in the White’s home in Veyrier, Switzerland. They have been re-photographed from my notebooks.

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  1. A beautiful tribute. Amazing photos that capture lots of joy and many personal memories that his friends and family can share. My sincerest heartfelt condolences to all who were part of Dutch’s life.

  2. C’est superbe que tu aies fait revivre toutes ces photos, tous ces moments qui ont marqué notre vie pendant plusieurs années. Merci de tout coeur.

    1. Looking back over all those photos, I realised that we haven’t lived many periods that were so intense and full of so many creative moments.

    1. I don’t know Jessica. His family name was White. He lived in Veyrier Switzerland. His parents were Stan and Louise who fled the States because of McCarthy.

  3. I am recording my life’s highlights and found this blog. Grateful I picked up this Post. I was one of Dutch’s lovers in the early 70’s I was a young thing then, and the children were glorious, Joanna his wife introduced me to Dutch. Things were very open in those days. I was a spinner/ weaver, dancer and fiddle player. Dutch was a brilliant artist, adonis full of live and love, he made me a silver snake ring, one that all the family had, I was so in love. I met his parents in Veyrier, and have dreamt often of returning. I was quite insecure in those days, and left abruptly when I discovered he had other lovers. I will always regret my inability to stick it out, the lost time I could have had in that creative community, with his parents and children and most of all Joanna and KIra. For weeks I slept in the Escher Gallery where Joanna and his children lived in Geneva. My name was Anne then. I met Joanna at the health food store, she took me home taught me her cooking skills,about herbs, life.If there is any chance of reconnecting I would love that. I hope either she or Dutch’s off spring see this…….Namasté

  4. I, too, was a young thing when I lived with the White’s in Veyrier in the early 70’s.. They introduced me to so much, I am forever grateful, especially to Dutch.
    I, too, have often dreamt of returning, but it exists, alone ,in my memories. I hope we meet again, somewhere , and celebrate!

    1. Hi Ellie. Thanks for sharing. Yes, Dutch and those around him touched many people’s lives. Time moves forward though and many of the older generation have passed on. I believe the house in Veyrier, island that it was for another world, has been sold and the other generations of Whites no longer live there.

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