In a society driven by constant renewal and innovation, amid a refusal to accept decline and decay, we invariably rush unseeing past the immense beauty born of decline. But if we take the time to look, what we discover is most surprising. This new gallery, entitled Decline, takes a closer look at how time and the elements have worn and weathered graffiti – themselves an ephemeral art form – in a quest to find the beauty created by that decline.

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Our walls have become galleries when they aren’t littered with ads. In an underpass near my home, young and less young people regularly embellish the walls with the most extraordinary creations. Some are caricatures, others experiments in shape and form, all in vibrant colours, sprayed on otherwise sinister grey walls… See my new gallery: Graffitis.

Unsung floors and walls of decline

Floor 8

Two new galleries: Unsung Floors and Walls of Decline. Confronted with a surfeit of smart paintings bulging with even smarter ideas, sometimes the walls or floors beside the paintings or elsewhere in the gallery or outside offer more interesting visual prospects. This exhibition brings together a collection of marks and splurges and rustiness and paint peelings that can be startling if you take the time to look at them.

Out of the Mists of Avalon

Mists over Avalon

A new gallery providing a glimpse at the magical country of Avalon, the seat of the Goddess and the home of King Arthur.

Notebooks: a new gallery

Between 1981 and 1999, I produced 39 notebooks related to my artwork and video making. The images in Notebooks Gallery are extracts from some photos, collages, diagrams and texts taken from those three thousand seven hundred pages.

Private exhibition

OFS exhibition

Just began a small private exhibition at the Federal Statistics Office in Neuchatel of photos from my water collection. To see all the water photos go here and here

New uploads to the Snapped Gallery

Animals by J-M. Chappuis

Having sorted out a problem with uploading pictures to the galleries, here are a number of new images. This one is of wild and weird animals by J-M. Chappuis to be found in the snapped gallery.

On the walls …

Unseen walls

In exhibitions, especially those works of art bulging with smart ideas, I often prefer to look for interesting things on the walls between  the so-called works of art. See the Snapped gallery.