2KM3 – Art in a car park

In 2017, Saint-Gervais, at the foot of the Mont Blanc, invited 11 internationally renowned artists to create artwork for an eleven-storey carpark in the centre of town. The collection was commissioned by Hugues Chevallier. The following photo gallery (photos by Alan McCluskey – July 2019) gives a taste of their work. In 2018, the exhibition was extended by Frederick Battle who commissioned works by eight artists for more intimate spaces such as the swimming pool, the wall of the postoffice, the cablecar stations,… The eleven artists who took part in painting the carpark were: Elian Chali, Etienne de Fleurieu, Felipe Pantone, Jaw, Roids, SatOne, Sobekcis, Sten & Lex, Swiz, Zoer, Velvet.

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2KM3, or 2,000 m3, the volume the artists had to work with.

June flowers

#1 St John's Wort

Flowers draw the eye. They attract, that is what they are made for. With their colours, their wistful forms. their delicate perfumes, they are a real delight. And the month of June is rich in them. These are a few found on my walks through the forest above our village. Click on any of the photos to visit the gallery.

La grève des femmes 2019 – Women’s Strike 2019

Fontaine du Pré Brenier

A small group of women from Saint-Blaise got together to mark the 2019 Women’s Strike in the village on June 14th. They decorated the many fountains, a symbolic choice seeing that it was the women who would have used those fountains to fetch water and to wash clothes and vegetables. The fountains were a place where women would talk together, free from men, who would not go there. Click on any of the photos to visit the gallery.

Un petit groupe de femmes de Saint-Blaise se sont réunies lors de la Grève des Femmes 2019 le 14 juin pour décorer les fontaines du village. Elles n’auraient pas pu choisir un lieu plus symbolique. Les femme allaient aux fontaines chercher de l’eau ou laver des vêtements ou des légumes. Les fontaines étaient des lieux ou les femmes pouvaient discuter sans être embêter par les hommes qui n’y allaient pas. Cliquer sur une des photos pour visiter la galerie.

Murals in the old town

Here are some of the recent murals to be seen in the old town of Neuchatel. Click on any photo to access the full gallery.

Neuchatel Clock Faces

This year the pedestrian zone of Neuchatel is celebrating its forty years. As part of the festivities local artists have elaborated on a concept by Denis Roueche for human-sized clock faces entitled DingDong. Below are some of the clock faces placed at different points of the town. Click on any photo to browse the gallery.

Ekki Hugsa

Ekki Hugsa a composition by Ólafur Arnalds with a choreography by Ásrún Magnúsdóttir and Alexander Roberts.

Youth is but a stolen season

Youth is but a stolen season

Youth is but a stolen season traversed by ephemeral beings. A corrugated façade, a temporary building beheld only by rows of parked cars, bears witness to their flight. On that mute wall, tattered portraits depict the remnants of smiling faces, a once-proud pursuit, imbued as it was with confidence and hope. Yet time has undone that ‘global project’. Even without the bitter east wind or the driving rain, the shreds of the past scream of extremes, of joy and doubt, of frustration and dreams, of love and despair,… You adults who scurry, head down, to the nearby hypermarket, shopping list in hand, do you heed the cries of those transient young that you once were?

Gallery: Youth is but a stolen season

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Sculptures and photos by Huguette and Alan McCluskey

Sculptures and photos by Huguette and Alan McCluskey

Sculptures by Huguette McCluskey-Cavin and photos and novels by Alan McCluskey at the Atelier du Ruau, Saint-Blaise, CH. Opening: Friday, December 7th from 4 to 7 pm.

Above is the official poster for our forthcoming exhibition. Sculptures by Huguette McCluskey-Cavin and photos by Alan McCluskey. At the Atelier du Ruau, ruelle des Voûtes, Saint-Blaise. December 8, 9, 14, 15, 21, 22 from 4pm to 7pm. Opening Friday, December 7th from 4 to 7 pm.

Ironically the sculpture I chose for the poster has already been sold and I decided to exhibit quite a different set of photos from this photo from my ‘water’ collection.  You will be able to peruse and acquire those earlier photos although they will not be on the walls of the Atelier du Ruau. 

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