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Gallery: Hymn to the power of girls

Why do I find the performance of Karl Jenkins’ Adiemus by the Carmina Slovenica girls choir and the Chorus Instrumentalis Orchestra under the direction of Karmina Šilec so deeply moving? (…) Probably for the same reason that I was moved to write my novel Stories People Tell about Annie, a shy schoolgirl who, despite sustained, cruel treatment and personal doubts, blossoms into a major voice in a London-based movement celebrating gender diversity while struggling to end violence against women and care for the weak and marginalised. The power of these girls lies in their potential and their sheer beauty striding forward into adulthood as expressed in their movements, in their voices, in their very being both individually and as a group united. (Read more and watch the video)

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Island – an art-video by Alan McCluskey

Island is an art-video made by Alan McCluskey on location in the White house in Veyrier, Switzerland in 1983. Taking part in the video, amongst others, are Betsy, Chatouille, Chen, Christophe, Christiane, Crepo, Derek, Diego, Dorothee, Dutch, Huguette, Ingrid, Joanna, Kira, Jean-François, Kerena, Louise, Maia, Marie-Dan, Mathieu, Shan, Solar Stan and Tox.

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Geneva Giants thrill massive crowds

Geneva Giants conjured up by the company Royal de Luxe walk the streets of Geneva for three days. A young giant girl and her giant grandmother – aided by a wealth of lilliputians – strode or rode the streets of Calvin’s City to the wonderment of the gathered crowds. Below, the first video shows the two giants riding through the massed crowds. All videos and photos are mine.

Here’s is a second video in which the girl gets to her feet by the banks of the Geneva Lake having ridden through town on her bicycle. She subsequently squatted down and relieved herself, flooding the road around her, shocking some of the people watching on.

Finally a small gallery of photos taken from amongst the crowd on Sunday, October 1st, 2017. The weather was beautiful and the atmosphere joyful as a crowd of all ages stared on, touched by the humanity of these ‘aliens’.  Click the following photos to see (all) in a larger format.