Môtiers 2015

Olivier Estoppey, Sur la route d'Ornans

Click on the photo above to visit the new gallery about the open air art exhibition Môtiers 2015.  And see if you can figure out which works are by ‘real’ artists and which are imaginary.

The above work is by Olivier Estoppey, Sur la route d’Ornans.

Geneva Writers at Payot Rive Gauche

The evening's offering

Eleven authors from the Geneva Writers’ Group, all with recently published books, gave a public reading in the new English section of Payot Rive Gauche on Thursday April 9th 2015. To celebrate this well-attended event, some fifty photos have been published in the Secret Paths Geneva Writers’ Group gallery. Click to see all the photos and click individual photos to see a larger version.

English Books!

Here is a list of the authors and their books (in the order of reading):

  • Michelle Bailat-Jones, Fog Island Mountains
  • Carmen Bugan, On the Side of Forgetting
  • Peter St. John, Gang Warfare
  • Lesley Lawson Botez, Holding Out for a Hero
  • Massimo Marino, The Rise of the Phoenix
  • Patti Marxsen, Helene Schweitzer: A Life of Her Own
  • Alan McCluskey, In Search of Lost Girls
  • Daniela I. Morris, Collecting Feathers
  • Susan M. Tiberghien, Side by Side, Writing You Love Story, Footsteps, In Love with a French man
  • Leonie van Daalen-Röell, Go, Not Knowing Where
  • Roderick Vincent, The Cause

Susan and Xavier Huberson, head of the English section

Private exhibition

OFS exhibition

Just began a small private exhibition at the Federal Statistics Office in Neuchatel of photos from my water collection. To see all the water photos go here and here

Open now!

Fall of Eden

The Fall of Eden online exhibition is now open. Drop by, leave a comment or suggest a title for one or more of the photos and have a chance to win a photo of your choice from the exhibition.

Opening tomorrow … the Fall of Eden!

Tomorrow will be the first day of the exhibition The Fall of Eden. Drop by, make a comment, suggest a name for a photo and win one of them of your choice.

A leg up?

Peek 5

Could that be a leg? What could be going on at Eden? Here’s another sneak peek of the forthcoming online exhibition, The Fall of Eden, here on the Artwork Gallery which opens on September 6th.

4th sneak peak

Sneak peek 4

Another sneak peek of the forthcoming online exhibition, The Fall of Eden, here on the Artwork Gallery which opens on September 6th.

… and a competition

Sneak peek

Yes. There will be a competition in which you can win a print of the photo of your choice from the exhibition … More later.

The Fall of Eden …

Peek 2

A further sneak peek at the forthcoming exhibition The Fall of Eden to take place here on the Artwork Gallery, opening September 6th, 2011.