Stains on the wall tell a tale on you

A hopeless case at art exhibitions, I ‘m often more interested in the marks on the floor or the stains on the walls than the paintings or other artworks on display. In many of these modern creations, the artist’s ‘intention’ invariably gets in the way. Marks on the wall have none of that overthought effort that screams ‘art at work’ rather like a roadsigns might warn us ‘men at work’. Stains just are, all the more so if they have had to weather time and the elements. There are some most beautiful creations just waiting to be discovered. Here are a few I tumbled on this evening while out walking.

Dialogues: marrying words and images in the Hot Springs Park

Dialogues, marrying words and images, is the 14th exhibition in the Saint-Gervais Thermal Park in Le Fayet, commissioned by Kaviiik. The artists are Alain Bar, Lenny Boha, Iatmul Cepik, Olga Ciparo, Clarisse Coudere, Guy Ferrer, Gerard Guyomard, Kaviiik, Peter Klasen, Jean Le Gac, Vera Linos, Eric Liot, Germe Marck, Michel Pinier, J-P Plundr, Simon Sonn, Denis Vidalie, Tara Zagour. Photos by Alan McCluskey (2019-07-24). Click on any photo to access the full gallery.